Welcome to Allstyle Open

October 28, 2023, Stockholm
Sweden's premier martial arts competition

Allstyle is officially recognized by The Swedish Sports Federation just as Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA etc.  


Allstyle has fathered formats as Challenge Cup and Master Cup. Events that came around during the mid-80s when opportunity for competition was limited. By letting athletes from different disciplines fight under the same set of rules they were given opportunity to compete more often. Allstyle rules are mainly used in two ways Allstyle Amateur and Allstyle PRO.


Adress: Ringvägen 70, Stockholm
WEIGH-IN Friday 27th of Mars, PM 17:00-19:30
Swedenborgsgatan 7, StockholmENTRY FEE 35 euro for each participant


Admission for teams:
am 09:15-10:15
Information from the referees:
am 10:30
Competition starts:
am 11:00


Match duration: 2x2 minutes (1-minute rest in between rounds)
Fights takes place on a rubber mat 8x8 meters
Highest score or Knock out brings victory.
Class 1
 – Men and Women 18+ years that has competed numerously in fullcontact.
* This is the only category where KO towards to head is allowed.
Class II – For Men and Women 18 years and Junior 16 to 17-years
No previous fighting experience is required. Knock Out against head is not allowed. Warning will be issued with 1 to 3 points deduction in case of violation to hard contact aimed at head. Disqualification can be issued if the force is deliberate repeated or and causes harm.

Allstyle Debutant Class II
For fighters that has 0 fights or just 1 match behind them.  

Juniors 16-17 years  - punches and kicks are allowed against the head, however with restricted force (K.O is not allowed).

Juniors 14-15 years - punches to the head are not allowed.
Cadets 12-13 years - neither punches or kicks to the head are allowed.

Weight Classes
Men (18 and above): -56, -60, -64, -68, -72, -76, -82, -88, -98 & +98kg.
Women (18 and above): -52, -56, -60, -65, -70 & +70kg.
Juniors Men 16-17 years: -48, -52, -56, -60, -64, -68, -72, -76, -82, -88 & +88kg.
Junior Women 16-17 years: -48, -52, -56, -60, -65, -70 & +70kg.
Juniors Boys 14-15 years-48, -52, -56, -60, -64, -68, -72, -76, -82, -88 & +88kg.
Juniors Girls 14-15 years: -44, -48, -52, -56, -60, -65, -70 & +70kg.
Juniors Boys 12-13 years: -36, -40, -44, -48, -52, -56, -60, -64, -68, -72, -76, -82, -88, +88
Juniors Girls 12-13 years: -36, -40 , -44, -48, -52, -56, -60, -65, -70 & +70kg.
Referees: 2 - 4 score judges, 1 ring referee. Judges keep count using clickers. At the request of referee, the judges show who their score's picked as winner by raised arm. Tie is marked by crossed arms each wrist carries a red or blue band.    
Scoring Techniques  
Punch to the head 1 point    
Punch to the body 1 point  
Kick to the body 2 points  
Kick to the head 3 points    
Take down 2 points    
Take down followed up by strike 3 points    
Punches and kicks to the arms and thighs are allowed, but no points  
are awarded for these.  
Winner: Is the fighter who has collected most points throughout the  whole match and will be called out after the final round has ended.  If the scoring brings to a tie, an extra round will be called out. If it is still a tie after the extra round, the referee has the deciding vote. In order to receive points, the technique has to be delivered purposefully and accurately. A hit must either have recoil or push. It must not die at arrival – force must be delivered. Areas that will result in points being given are head and torso.

If clear inequality in strength exists between fighter A and fighter B, and there is an obvious risk of injury, the ring referee can and shall interrupt the match, and declare the stronger fighter as winner.

If competitor gets knocked down twice during the same round he or she will be counted out as by TKO, Technical Knock Out.

Warning: Penalty - for flight -1-point deduction at first warning 3 points deduction at second offence disqualification at third offence. Count restarts with each new round. Serious breach in sportsmanship can lead to warning using the same scale 1-3 for minor offences or disqualification if they are severe.
Equipment: Athletic supporters and mouthguard are personal equipment. All other equipment will be provided by the event organizer (Gloves, leg protection, helmet). Breast protection is optional for women. Wrapping the hands is allowed.
Fighters' clothing should be intact and clean. For men shorts, T-shirt or bare breasted. For woman shorts, T-shirt and tank top.


For foreign fighters who does not reside in Sweden shall provide (for example tkd, boxing or other) license or other proof where the participants fighting history is documented. All participants must be insured.
* Disclaimer - Non-warranty clause of the promotor and organizer.
* Participant must have medical examination before Weigh in.


Thabo Motsieloa
President of Swedish Allstyle Federation
Founder of Swedish of Allstyle Open
Mobile phone: +46 704 176 941
E-mail: thabo@live.se